Office Staff

George Schneider- founder

Mae Ellen Schneider- Board of Directors Emeritus

Grant Schneider- President

Margie Strange- Chairman of Board

Annie Prout- Executive Secretary

Jill Glover- Sales

Mike Jackson- Transportation

Clyde Keller, Charles Swartz, Steve Hawn, Brian Beard, Martin Padron, Jamie Ruvira, Chico Perez, Padre Villatoro, Robert Kieser, Isrrael Alvarez, Juan Torres, Sam Lucas

Field Production

From childhood, George Schneider, had one ambition--to grow trees to enhance the beauty of his surroundings.  George began growing trees an shrubs on a small plot of ground that he borrowed from his parents' chicken hatchery and produce farm.  He purchased his original plant material from J.B. Bailey Company of St. Paul, Minnesota.
After high school, George married Mae Ellen Snyder.  He and his new wife purchased 24 acres from the family farm and established a retail nursery--Schneider Nursery.

George attended several seminars presented by Henry Gilbert of Purdue University and adopted the naturalistic landscape style.  George observed established Indiana Nurseries that produced a quality product while doing business in an ethical manner.

Presently, the nursery is comprised of more than 500 acres of land.  Schneider Nursery continues on as a family business and serves both retail and wholesale customers.

Our Roots

Mandy Goecker, Karen Sipes, Linda Wayman, Jan Hines, Mollie Borcherding, Kraig Klosterman

Our Team

Garden Center