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Photo of the Day
We have some beautiful bradford pears here at the nursery. We have a range of sizes out in our fields, and we have smaller trees up on the hill by our Garden Center. This easily recognizable tree blooms every spring and looks great through the summer.

Hot Colors for Spring

After the long, cold, dreariness of winter, people look to their gardens to add color to their lives and to their landscaping. Annuals are a great way to add color that doesn’t cost too much and that you don’t have to live with forever. The instant color of annuals brings life to homes and landscapes across the country each spring, boosting peoples’ spirits.

Each year there are a few colors that really stand out. Of course, pinks and whites and reds and purples are popular colors every year, but a lot of of the time, some colors are just more popular than others. If you’re looking for a way to spruce up your garden with trending colors this spring, here’s an advanced look at the colors you should be looking for.

  1. Wine. Yes, I’m still talking about colors, not drinks. Wine is a beautiful color that brings deep reds, burgundies, and even some hints of purple into play. This deep color is often paired with bright yellows, golds, and whites to create a classic, yet stylish look for any landscaping.
  2. Strawberry. The tones in a strawberry-colored flower are striking. The bright pink color is often shown in a variety of shades, ranging from a lighter pink to an almost red color. This color is especially beautiful on the Zahara Double. It will add a vibrant pink to your landscaping, which will surely draw the attention of people passing by.
  3. Blue. Blue is a color that is not often recognized as a “hot” color, mainly because it is located on the cooler section of the color wheel. But blue is a very hot color these days. The addition of blue varieties allows people to play with color in their landscaping even more than they could previously. Many homeowners have struggled with the number of vibrant colors that can often be hard to mix and match to make an attractive landscape. By adding blue flowers, you can effectively tone down the louder colors that might seem overwhelming, while still creating an eye-catching landscape.
  4. Orange. Orange is making a comeback in a whole new way. While many people still love the traditional oranges of marigolds and zaharas, many of the new oranges are brighter and more unique than ever before. These oranges often have touches of pink, red, and even white, to give them a new look and sheen. These new orange variations are striking and eye-catching, making them very popular, and because of the mixes with other colors, these oranges grow seamlessly next to your more traditional reds, pinks, and other warm colors.

Easter Lilies

I'm sure many of you are out purchasing lilies for Easter this coming weekend. Lilies are beautiful and they always remind us of this time year, but what do you do with your Easter lily after Easter? Instead of just throwing them away when the blooms start to fade, plant them somewhere in your yard. Lilies are hardy enough that they can go almost anywhere in the ground, and come July or August, you'll have those beautiful blooms again.


Indiana Green Expo 2014  


Earlier in January, the Schneider Nursery staff attended the Indiana Green Expo in Indianapolis. This two day conference allowed us to essentially go back to school for two days and learn all of the new trends, plants, and essential information for the new year. We had a lot of fun, and while some us were just refreshing our knowledge and picking up a few new pieces of information, others of us were taking in all the information like big gasps of air. 

The two days we spent in Indianapolis were spent mostly in seminars, where we took notes, asked questions, and listened to experts speak on all kinds of subjects including hard and soft landscape design, new plant varieties for 2014, popular colors for spring, and how to identify certain diseases in plants and trees.

During time between seminars, we wandered through the Trade Show, which showcased vendors and companies that are offering new plants, new hardscape materials, and new ways of doing things. We oohed and ahed at new pavers, outdoor fireplaces, and living walls. 

As gardeners ourselves, we were excited to see the new plants for 2014, and with new colors and varieties available (many of which are more disease resistant than ever before), we spent a good portion of our time trying to decide which ones we wanted for ourselves. 

The Indiana Green Expo was a great learning experience for all of us, and we’re excited to use our new knowledge in the new year. Check our website regularly for more information on gardening, trees, and special events here at Schneider Nursery. See you in the spring!



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